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I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong with portrait art. They all come out so dark in runtime, regardless of how they look "out of the game". Here's an example picture of one of my game's ladies. Out of the game, her portrait looks like on the right, and the left there's a preview of how the portrait looks in-game/runtime.


I'm still very new to Unity/ORK both, and this is the first time I've tried to have any actual art on screen...

I'd be very pleased if someone could enlighten me what I'm doing wrong here. This is set up through ORK, 'straight out of the box'.

Thank you!
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  • Hm, could be the texture import settings of the image. Is the image displayed by ORK or did you just add it to the scene/GUI using a component or something like that?
  • @gamingislove
    Thank you! It was the import settings; I copied ones from an image I know used to work as a test (not my own) but I think the type was different because mine didn't look good like that. I tweaked with the settings and got a perfect result.

    Don't I feel silly now. Thanks! :)
  • No need to feel silly - there's a lot to learn with Unity and ORK, and how everything works :)
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