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Hi. I have a scene with an animal (a gazelle) that uses the "attack" type of attack. It does damage to me well. Then I use in another scene, custom attacks called "werewolf attack" and "villager attack". The villagers stats are the same as the gazelle's settings, except for the custom attack type. The villagers only do a tiny bit of damage to me, and the werewolves do not do any damage at all to me most of the time. I cannot figure it out. Also the werewolf never stops attacking even when I go out of range of it. When I switch the werewolf attack to default "attack" type he did good damage, but his animation was messed up.

I compared prefabs of the gazelle to the villagers and the werewolf and they look the same. I even copied the gazelle settings and typed in the things specific to the wolf and the villagers. For some reason, the gazelle does good steady damage, the werewolf does none, and the villagers only do a tiny bit, where they should be doing much more damage. I checked my player level and stats, and they look ok.

Edit: I just changed the "attack" of the gazelle to a custom ability "gazelle attack", and he does not do enough damage now and misses a lot, or at least does a little damage, followed by none. Something is wrong with the way I am setting up my creature abilities. Because when I use them, they don't do the correct damage. When I set the attack setting to "Attack", the damage works fine, but the sound and animations don't work right, so I want to use custom abilities , but they don't do the correct damage.

Please if anyone can help I would be very grateful!. Thank you.
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  • I understand the feeling. It's always some little detail you forgot somewhere that messes up everything.

    I don't know your setup, but I suggest you check the following :

    - Check in your animation settings of your custom attacks, maybe you call a battle event there and you forgot about it

    - In your formulas and battle events, are some game variables set to local and global when not supposed to?

    - Check that every node is calling the right formula / game variables.

    - Check that your target doesn't have some special defence attributes VS certain types of races
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    thanks very much for that! I checked my attacks and it was the chance of hitting that was the problem , or at least, it solved the missing hit problem. I unchecked it. At least they steadily hit my character now. The strange thing is, I have to give my werewolf like 150 max HP, and I can kill him with my spell in about 6 hits doing 15 damage. that is not right, but if the player does not know how much i gave the werewolf, and the system works, i guess I will leave it that way. Unless you know something that could make it normal. But thank you very much for helping.
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  • Ultimately it comes down to designing good formulas (hit chance, damage, etc.) - they have to be balanced with your status system, so that a small (or large) gap between the stats doesn't result in unwanted constant misses or small damage :)
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    Thank you GiL i will look into the formula details again.

    Edit: I fixed the damage discrepancy. However, with the attack abilities, my enemies don't face me or turn towards me when I attack. only when i back up do they start to face and follow me. Please, if anyone knows how i can get my enemy combatants to face me as soon as i cast a spell on it. I would be very grateful. Also, my werewolf does not stop attacking once out of range, his attack animation won't stop playing. The others are fine. just the werewolf.

    Also, I just completed up to level 15 of my game. Not sure if I will go up to 99. maybe 50 or 60 or even 70, just depends on how fast the leveling goes and how many npc enemies i have. and how many zones i have. may have to adjust the exp given to slow down the advancement.
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  • Casting ability as in using cast time - there's currently no way to turn the enemy at that point, as there's no event involved here. If it's just when starting to perform the ability, use one of the rotation nodes to make the target look at the user.

    Regarding the werewolf, if it's only the animation that is playing, check the animation if it's looping. If it actually keeps using the attack ability, check the battle AI of the werewolf or the attack's use range.
    It's always a good idea to have a battle AI with a None action as the last battle AI of a combatant. That way the combatant will always fall back to doing nothing instead of using the base attack.
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  • Thanks very much GiL. I will check those things out.
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    Ok, Great! The rotate node , rotate all enemies, to user, in the attack event works perfectly, all of my enemies in game now look at me after being attacked. Woohoo! There are only the boar and the werewolf that keep attacking. I will have to check their settings. The other enemies I have, all stop attacking when out of my range, even after being hit with a spell. But the boar and werewolf keep playing their attack animation even when I am far away, and when I walk back up to them, They do damage.

    EDIT: I just checked the gazelle combatant which works perfectly, no looping attack, compared to the boar. They both have exactly the same animation and combatant and attack event settings. It could be the animation, but they still do damage when I walk up. I just changed the prefab animation to wrap mode "default" instead of "loop" and it did not stop the loop in game. Not sure what to do now.

    I dont know how to change my hunt battle AI. or what I should change on that menu. I don't see where to put "none". Please.

    There is also this bad bug where a separate copy of the enemy combatant is popping up for a second or two, usually over my head, every time in an attack where I back up or new attack, so that I see the feet of it. Then it disappears. That is about it. After this, I should be good to finish the game. Unless I try to add some further special feature to it, which I probably will. :-D
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  • The enemy popping up shortly could be using the wrong prefab in a battle event (e.g. using an enemy prefab instead of a particle effect). Could be either set in the battle event, or using the prefab overrides in abilities/items when the event is used.

    Try setting the animation's wrap mode to Once.
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  • I was wrong. At least you fixed the biggest bug. No more popping double npc's. I had set the char prefab twice in the attack abilities of all my enemies. LOL. now it's fixed. Thanks very much!

    Unfortunately, my putting a "rotate to", node , after the start attack node in the "attack"
    event did not turn the enemy toward me after i hit it with a fire spell. None of them do. I don't know the details of the settings for the "rotate to" node for the "attack" event, second node. I set it to "actor/enemies" , "actor/user". To try to rotate the enemy to me.

    They don't turn. Any more ideas greatly appreciated. Also, I made a werewolf prefab with wrap mode "once" and the werewolf still keeps attacking when out of range. at least his sound stops, but he shows his attack animation and does damage when i walk back up to him. I have tried "wrap mode " once, default, and loop for making my prefabs from the original .fbx file.
  • How is your fire spell working, e.g. is it using damage dealers to do damage?
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  • I'm not using damage dealers, I am using the fireball ability, and the "target changes" i have it subtracting hp from the target,
  • Hm, I'd recommend using a Rotate To node, rotating the target to the user. Can you post an image from your event and the node's setup?
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  • Well, yeah .. why are you using All Enemies and All Combatants?
    You should rotate the Target actor to the User actor, as you'd only want the targeted enemy to rotate to the user ...

    Or, if you really want all enemies to rotate there, you'll still need to use the User as the rotation target.
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  • awesome thank you GiL! . Another major flaw in my game settled. Every creature turns to me upon being attacked. Nice. Ok. Do you know what I can do for the werewolve that never stops attacking out of range? I know he still attacks because he killed an npc villager I created while he was out of my range. Also, the boar does not stop attacking out of range. That is pretty much all I can think of to start finishing my game again. Please.

    I am definitely taking a break probably after this one. Then going to tackle another group of levels, quests, and things. maybe up to level 30. I am not sure if I will have 99 levels yet. It depends on how things end up when I run out of zones or monsters. lol
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