I'm in heavy development of my game, so I thought I wouldn't clutter the forums with so many questions. I hope this is better for you GIL.

1- How do you use formulas for durability of equipment instead of values? No matter what I tried, every time I go from a fixed value to a formula, it always returns 0.

2- Same thing with game variables attached to equipment. Doesn't work no matter what.
  • 1) I'll need details on your formula and durability setup.

    2) What exactly doesn't work? How are you trying to access or change them?
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    OK I figured it out.

    I was trying to use a formula on the durability field of equipment and also on their game variables. I put an initial value in the box, and the initial value was never being used no matter what I did, so I thought the whole thing was broken.

    Then I realized in the first node of the formula, you have to check "current value" as a starting value for it to take the initial value into account.
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  • Well, no, you'd just have to change the Start Value operator to Add instead of Set to not override the initial value passed on to the formula. I'll change that in the next update to have add instead of set as the default for new formulas :)
  • Thanks GIL that will be helpful.

    On a related subject, I need to use "target equipment's current durability" and "target equipment maximum durability" in a formula, to do different things based on them. But I found no way to do that, unless I'm missing something?

    So I thought I would add a game variable to the equipment, select it, store the equipment durability into the game variable, then do operations on it instead. But I found no way to store an equipment durability into a variable, looked at all the nodes in battle events. Any ideas?
  • I don't think there are currently nodes for that - will look into it :)
  • Thanks GIL
  • There'll be a new formula node to use the durability of an equipment (stored in selected data) to change the formula value in the next update :)
  • You're the best GIL :D
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    Hi GIL, I ran into a little problem.

    I have many very similar big battle events, with identical nodes except for small differences. So I thought I would just copy the events.asset, open them with notepad, find and replace all text I want to change, since they are just texts and should not cause any problems.

    But when I do, Ork doesn't recognize the event anymore, and I cant open it, and every call nodes to that event I edited with Note Pad are set to none, so it doesn't work. I had to delete it and restore my backup.

    So how would you approach this problem?

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  • Well, I would not use anything other than the event editor to change events :)

    While you can edit them using text editors, it's risky to cause an error due to wrong changes, or the editor just changing the formatting somehow, so that Unity is no longer recognizing the file correctly.
  • Yeah seems to be the smart thing to do, I'll stick with the editor, thanks GIL
  • Hi GIL,

    Regarding battle grids, I need the range cells in battle grid settings to be a formula instead of a fixed value. The reason is the range in my game depends on the status values of the user who use abilities, like throwing projectiles... for example, when throwing a boulder, the range depends on strength, agility and skill of the user. Also the range of an ability depends on which weapon is used, ie a bow can have a range of say 30, a long bow 40...

    But from what I see, I can only make range templates with fixed values, and make abilities that use those fixed values, so I will have to duplicate hundreds of abilities to cover all ranges. So is there a way to set the battle grid range cells to a formula ? (Through script if there are no workarounds in Ork)
  • That's currently not possible, so you'd have to change that in ORK's scripts yourself.

    I'll look into it for future updates.
  • Thanks GIL, will look forward to it. Should you decide to not implement it, please let me know so I do it myself through script.
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    Hi GIL, first off thanks for all the new features.

    I implemented the new Equipment durability node, which works fine for most cases. But I encountered a bug: if I use that node with the "use maximum" check, and the selected equipment current durability is 0 (ie outworn) , then the node returns 0, even if it's supposed to return the maximum durability. I did a separate test to make sure and that still happens.
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