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I'm going to be asking a lot of questions as I come across roadblocks while using ORK so instead of cluttering up the forum with individual discussions, I will just consolidate my inquiries to this one thread from now on. I'll try my best to scan the forum for previous inquiries but if I don't see anything I'll drop them here.

(1) Is there a maximum icon size? I am trying to display an icon and text for an ability using the "both" setting and it only works when I use a smaller icon; when I use a fairly larger icon it just display the icon and the text doesn't even instantiate in the hierarchy.

(2) Do you know the calls for the battle menu items, like Attack, Defend etc? I figure it's Ork.BattleMenus.etc or Ork.Battle.etc?
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  • 1) There's no maximum icon size - depending on your settings the huge icon might just push other content out of the available space.

    2) Depends on what you want to do, there's a difference between using an attack on a target and starting target selection for an action (e.g. base attack).
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  • (1) As I've been messing with it I see now there is no max icon size and I agree that the huge icon is simply pushing the text out of the available space. What I've noticed is that it is only pushing the ability name's text out. The ability's info (casting cost, etc.) is completely unaffected by the size of the icon. Is there a setting which changes that relation between the icon and the ability name text? Ultimately what I want is to have the ability name text appear over the icon.

    (2) I would say the starting target selection. Just the menu option as opposed to the action itself.

    (3) New Question: I am using my keyboard and/or a DualShock 4 controller with ORK using the Unity Input Manager for the input keys. Everything works fine except for the horizontal/vertical keyboard controls in menus. The DualShock 4 works fine for everything with no issues and I can switch to the keyboard as well with no issue but when I get into the menu with the keyboard only the submit/cancel keyboard keys work, the horizontal/vertical keyboard keys don't respond at all. Is there a special setting I need to apply for those keys?
  • 1) That's because the info/costs are displayed in a different part of the button. You can use custom content layouts to e.g. also display the name in the info part - or display icon and name using text codes (i.e. not using the Both content type).
    Or, you now, just not use huge icons :D

    2) That's done like this:
    combatant.BattleMenu.StartTargetSelection(shortcut, false);
    combatant is the Combatant that'll use the action.
    shortcut is an ability or item (IShortcut interface) that will be used.
    The 2nd argument (true or false) determines if the action will block the battle camera.

    The shortcut should be an ability known by the combatant or an item from the combatant's inventory. E.g. for the base attack, you can get it like this:
    AbilityShortcut shortcut = combatant.Abilities.GetCurrentBaseAttack();
    Or for an ability:
    AbilityShortcut shortcut = combatant.Abilities.Get(id);
    id is the ID/index of the ability (i.e. index in the ORK editor).
    Or for an item:
    ItemShortcut shortcut = combatant.Inventory.GetItem(id);
    Again, id is the ID/index of the item.

    3) If you've set up keyboard and controller using the same name for the Unity input key, the controller might just override the keyboard input. Try setting them up with different names in the input manager (or directly in ORK) and use an ORK Input Key input origin to use input from multiple input keys.
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    1) So I'm stubborn and my assets are knee deep in development which means no turning back on the big ol' icons. After messing with it every which way I added an animation to the button that forces the text into the position I want it to be in. Overall it works. There is a hiccup on the first display of the button where the text is in the original position but if I cancel and go back to that option where the button is displayed then the text shows up correctly. I think it has something to do with the entry state of the animation from the pool but I'll keep messing with it.

    2) I'm going to try this and report back.

    3) SOLVED: The ORK Input Key method worked, thank you.

    4) New Question: On the description box when I cycle through options the text that displays there flashes between options. Only briefly when the text is displayed initially. It's like it is appearing a nanosecond slowly rather than instantaneously? It's not of critical importance just something that I can't unsee.

    5) New Question: During battle (turn based - square grid) my cell selection cursor moves no matter what. So if the battle menu is displayed and I'm cycling through the options, the cursor is also moving on the grid. Not sure what step I missed to prevent that. SOLVED: I left Battle System/Battle Grid Settings/Examine Grid/Always Active Examine checked. Uncheck that and it works.
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  • 4) Are you using the new UI or the legacy GUI?
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    4) I'm using the New UI.

    6) New Question: Is there a way to display the Player HUD of only the combatant who has the current turn while the battle menu is "open" and then when the menu "closes" that Player HUD also "closes"? I feel like it is either always displayed or never displayed but can't find a midpoint. For example my battle menu uses a GUI box and my abilities menu uses a different GUI box so when the ability menu is selected from the battle menu; the battle menu closes and the ability menu opens. In any case though the Player HUD remains whereas I would prefer it to open/close with the battle menu. If this isn't possible it's OK; I'll just rework my HUD design.

    7) New Question: In regards to designing the HUD, is there a GUI in ORK for displaying the turn order in turn-based (multi-turn) battles? I don't particularly care if it's icons, portraits or text, just if it exists or not?

    Thanks again for your guidance, you're really helping me get this thing rolling quickly.
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  • 4) Not really flashing on my end, can you give me details on your setup?

    6) Use a display condition for that - status requirement Is Choosing. There's also the Latest Turn HUD type to show the HUD for the combatant with the current turn.

    7) Yes, that's the Turn Order HUD type :)
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  • 4) Nothing fancy, a prefab with a basic image (plain white box) loaded as the content box prefab under GUI Skins/Own Skins plus Arial text. I'll take a video or create a gif to help show it better.

    6) Thank you, I'm going to play around with this and see what I can create.

    7) Looking at me right in the face, lol. Well good to know it's there; I'll be messing with it shortly.

    8) New Question/Bug?: I'm having some kind of problem with the "Death On Minimum" setting for HP/MaxHP under Status/Status Values. When it is on, my character simply passes through the battle trigger object without triggering the battle. If I turn the death setting off to "none" then it works just fine.

    I have my HP Start Value at 9, MaxHP Minimum Value at 0 and Maximum Value at 999, MaxHP Curve Start Value is at 9, End Value at 999 using an Ease In Out Quad. It's kinda wacky; probably staring me in the face but I'm not seeing it. :(
  • 8) Could be your enemy having 0 HP :)
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    Back with another one that's been driving me nuts.

    9) In my Ally HUD I have HP, MP, etc., bars, and their numerical values represented as Status Elements. For some reason while states are changing (like after a selection has been made, character facing selection, damage dealing, etc.), basically any other state but the starting state or when the focus is on that ally character whose turn it is; the Status Elements go wonky. They change position, color, animation, etc.; and I can't figure out what is affecting them. This is basically just the text elements. The bars work just fine. Same thing happens to my menu text-based Status Elements sometimes. Trying to figure out everything in the framework that could possibly be affecting it or have control over it but coming up short.

    These HUDs are using GUI Boxes whose prefabs are buttons. Would that have something to do with it?
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  • Hm, could be that you're showing preview values. Do these HUD elements use the Preview status origin?
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  • I just checked them all, they are all set to "current".
  • Hmm ... can you send me a small Unity test project where this happens to contact@orkframework.com?
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  • Hey GiL, my apologies for the M.I.A.; winter is busy season for me and I just got back into this. I've stripped my project down and e-mailed you a dropbox link with a zip file containing the project folder. Latest Unity build I used it in was 2017.3.0f3 Personal 64bit. Controls are with the keyboard, arrow keys for all movement, enter for confirm, and spacebar for cancel. Thanks so much for taking a look!
  • Back from the holiday and back at it; thanks again GIL for your e-mail and quick insight on my menu problem, I've scrapped the animations and am re-stylizing my battle menu to move forward. So of course with that comes another question.

    10) I'd like the initial menu to have the normal options (Attack, Move, Item, Defend) but I want them tied to specific buttons. Like for Item you should hit the "#2 button" then the Item menu would appear that you would navigate normally via the arrow keys and select an item with the accept key. Or hit the "#3 button" for abilities then the ability list menu appears. I guess I'm describing a hotkey? Is there an option in ORK for this? Otherwise I'm thinking of adding a script to the battle menu that listens for certain button presses and then calls that particular function, like if it hears the #2 button then the Item command is called.
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