Hello .

I made a Gui box named Skillbar and a Hud named Skillbar Hud , intended to use as skill shortcut .
And i checked the " Enable Clicking " and " Use Click Use " check box of the Hud .
But it is still not clickable and for the life of me i cant figure out why .

Any help would be much appreciated .
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    My first guess would be that some other GUI box (e.g. from another HUD) is blocking the click ... or the shortcut isn't useable at the time.
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    that was actually my first guess too .

    but nothing is blocking it i checked like 10 times , i have 2 hud ,first one is player health which is shown on top left , second one is hotkey bar on lower right .
    the created hud in runtime are all images and not buttons .
    I even created another GUI Layer , and put it at the top , and assigned my skillbar hud to it. but it is still not clickable.

    Actually control maps work . i assingned "1" key to first spell , "2" key to second , and when i press 1 or 2 , they work , so it is something with the hud .
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  • Hm, it's working fine on my end - I'll need more details on your shortcut HUD element's setup.
  • sorry for the long wait , i was very busy .
    I made a video of my settings of everything that seem relevenat .

    I hope you can pinpoint the problem . many thanks.

  • What ORK version are you working with? Due to some missing settings, I'd say its an older version, which might contain a bug that has been fixed already.
  • I actually had no idea i wasnt using latest version
    After updating it works ! i can click on the hotkey and it responds !

    Although update broke some things which i am now trying to fix . thanks :)
  • You need to use Unity 2017.1 with the latest update, so either you're using the wrong Unity version, or the update to that Unity version broke something else in your project :D
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    that was exactly the issue. i updated unity last night. and errors went away .
    Ty for the excellent support.

    So now the only thing to figure out in ork is the AI for realtime battles .
    I learn that and i think i am ready ! :D
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