ORK Framework 2.13.2 is here: release notes

This update simply brings compatibility with Unity 2017.1.
Please note that ORK now requires Unity 2017.1 and all plugins have been updated.
  • My game is in its early stages with only events and formulas, so I"ll upgrade. But I was wondering, at what point should one stop upgrading Unity and Ork to avoid breaking their game?
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    Generally dev teams try to lock down their engine versions and third party stuff at or before the halfway point in development. There's no real set-in-stone rule for it though, though.

    But generally the larger the project, the more people working on it, the less you want to factor in the headache of updates breaking stuff. If you're by yourself or in a small team, I wouldn't worry so much about it; but I WOULD make copious backups for each version in case something breaks.
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  • In script, what happened to


    Looked through the release notes and didn't see anything (unless I overlooked it).

  • @UserName
    I'd generally say that as long as you don't need a new feature or bugfix from a new Unity or ORK version, you can stick with whatever version you're working at the time.

    That's now 2 different classes - TypeImagePortrait (for stuff without prefabs) and TypePrefabViewPortrait (for stuff with prefabs).
  • Thank you GIL
  • Thanks GIL
  • Hello.
    I currently work with the old pro license of unity 5.6.
    There is no plan to update to unity 2017.
    I would like to obtain version 2.13.1, but what should I do?
  • @crgs
    Send me an email with your order/invoice number to contact@orkframework.com.
    Usually you should get the ORK version compatible with your Unity version automatically when downloading in the Asset Store - at least that was the case a while back ...
  • will need the same, will send you the invoice too.

    thank you.
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