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EDIT: I just fixed my death animations. But my chicken death animation plays 3 times in a row. Any ideas? please. Also,.. My "menu stats" in the menu..the player class and race to the right are over each other scrambled. That is about it, and really, I'm very happy my problems are getting so small as not to be a huge game factor! Thanks for your help gamingislove!
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  • Here are the screenshots of my messed up stats pages. Please if anyone knows how to fix them, I already went into menu screens and another place and cannot fix it.



  • As said in your other threads, you'll need to work on your HUD element's placement and setup.
    E.g. image 1 > that's a text alignment issue, one HUD element needs to use Left and the other Right.
    image 2 > increase the height of the elements and use the same text size on them :)
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    Thank you gamingislove!! I am looking at a perfect stats menu. both pages. Something that would be better, Do you know how I would add a shortcut to open the main menu from a button on my skillbar? please. Also, more importantly, I just saw that my Quest Logs menu is only showing the first 2 quests and ignoring the 3rd and 4th, they don't show up. Please any advice would be great. I have the last two in quest logs all set up. I messed with the Menu screens settings for quest logs and messed it up. So I had to load a backup. I don't know what to do.
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  • Call menu screen from HUD > e.g. add an Information element to your combatant HUD with the Menu Screen click type.

    Quests > check how many Active Quests you've defined (Game > Quest Settings). Also, the quest menu will only shows quests based on the states that are enabled, e.g. only showing active quests.
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    Thank you. The quest list from quest logs menu, still only shows the first 2 quest logs, from the listing "logs" in the framework. I put the quests everywhere I could, and I don't see a setting for "active quests". Also, a major part of my game. The level progression versus time it takes per level . I don't know how much exp to give each increasing level enemy reward as levels progress. I am using player development for player stats, and entering manual numbers for stats for the enemies, then playing around until the battle is about even and the level takes about 5 or 7 kills.

    But this is going to increase, and I don't know how to do it for all 99 levels. I want finished mobs and levels to be easier, and if I do player development for the enemies, All enemies will develop. Which is not what I want. Is there a way to do what I want without entering in manual stats for enemy combatants, and trying to do math with seconds per kill versus how much exp till the next level, I am confused. Sorry if I asked this previously. Please any more help would be great. Thanks.
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  • Oh, you're talking about Logs, not Quests?
    In that case, the log menu screen will show all logs your player knows - keep in mind that log texts are bound in logs, i.e. even if you have learned 10 log texts, they could still be part of one log (based on your setup).

    As for enemy levels - you either have to set up an enemy with fixed stats for all levels (i.e. not using status development), or set up an enemy that has different stats based on the level (i.e. using status development).
  • thanks Gamingislove. As i recall, when i set the enemy combatants to status development auto, they would kick my player's butt. but I will have to try it again, maybe make some adjustments. I will check out my log setting for showing it. Thanks for helping me.
  • Well, you have to design the status development curves (or formulas) in a way that balances the player and enemy stats on the different levels. ORK can't do that for you :)
  • Ok. Well I spent a day ruining my battle setup. Finally abandoned the formulas and curves, and just went back to my old manual input. At least I learned a few things along the way to make the manual way faster. Thanks for your feedback again. :-)
  • Well, the curves are nothing more that defining values for multiple levels - but set it up however you find it most comfortable :)
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