Everything else in this tutorial is working fine for me. When I walk to the green NPC, the event doesn't trigger. I've adjusted the placement of the interaction collision prefab, and if I pause I see it neatly in front of the player, but it doesn't trigger the dialogue.

I've changed the event start type in the NPC to "Auto start" to test and then it does show. But with "Interaction" it doesn't show at all - does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? I've looked through the video five times now, it must be something I've overlooked...

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  • Ok it does work when I press the interact key - I thought interaction would start automatically.
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    Interact start types for interactions will only start when the player actively interacts with them - i.e. the game object has to be within the Interaction Controller of the player and the player has to press the interact key.
    Autostart will automatically start upon loading the scene.

    If you want to automatically start stuff when coming near it, use the Trigger Enter start type, which requires a trigger (collider) around the interaction's object :)
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  • Thanks! I'm going to go for trigger enter types for my game I think. It's an rpg for beginners so I can't expect them to know much of the conventions or possibilities.
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