Hey guys i'm pretty new at unity and programming and i was very happy after i found makinom. i made every tutorial and enjoyed it and was fascinated how this tool works. Now i've tried to look for a tutorial that has Puzzle Bobble game style I know you guys and @gamingislove are very busy and understand it if you don't have the time. cya
  • Yeah, sorry, I'm currently quite busy with ORK updates, so I don't really have time to create a tutorial for this, but I can give you tips and answer your questions here :D

    E.g. the player controls (firing the ball) would require 3 input keys (probably) and 1 schematic where you:
    - change the rotation of the firing device based on the left/right input of the player
    - fire the ball when a fire input is pressed, this would be similar to firing the ball in the breakout tutorial, i.e. just firing the ball forward (locally, i.e. based on the rotation of the parent firing device)

    The matching of where the ball hit could be done similar to the match 3 tutorial.
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    hey gil so my first step was to alternate the paddle from the breakout tutorial so it could rotate to the current mouse position only on the z-axis with this schematic: image. So that it goes from this: image to this: image. It worked well on all axis except the z-axis. It doesn't want to move. I would appreciate it if you could help me here. bye
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