i'm not really sure if it a Workaround but it works and i have been looking for it few days how to set it up so if someone will look for it he will have a small tutorial here

i'm not sure if it can be applied to the player controller itself becuse i'm using my own character controller script with animations
but it works for the NPC's

1.Place your NPC in to the scene (or Place your NPC prefab and skip to 4)

2. add Animator Component to him

3.create Animator Controller and setup the animation how you want to use them is up to you link to Ork Mecanim Animations.

4.in the inspector of your NPC go to Animator
toggle on Apply Root Motion
set Update Mode to Animate Physics (This is the Option that create Magic)
set Colling Mode to Always Animate
5.go to ORK Framework>Combatants>Combatants>your NPC
(if you don't have one create it, edit name and prefab)
scroll down till the Animation Settings (Animations & Movements)
System Type
Select Mecanim.
Select Mecanim that you created.
Use Battle
Disable this setting.
Use Auto Animation
Enable this setting.
in the Movements Settings section change all the Walk,Run speed to 0

6.add Combatants component and set Battle Type to Real Time
and add some Waypoint's for NPC to walk around

now when you hit play your NPC won't walk by Vector Position it will use Root Motion and Animate Physics walk around and it looks greate
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  • Well, ORK itself doesn't care if you use root motion or not, it's just the Character Controller component and root motion don't work well together. So as long as your NPCs (or combatants) don't use character controllers, there shouldn't be an issue.

    Using the built-in player controls however can be an issue, as they require a character controller :)
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