I have a quick question: is the Turn-based Grid Battles tutorial separate from the rest of the gameplay tutorial? Or do I need to have the prefabs and scenes from previous tutorials set up for it to run?
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    The grid battle tutorials are based on the gameplay tutorials, i.e. it skips setting up all the other things like setting up the status system or the basic battle events to animate the battle.

    You can also just download the ORK demo (which is the completed game tutorial) and build upon that :)
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  • Ah okay. I was looking to just go through the grid battle tutorials. That was the feature I'm primarily interested in, as I'm trying to learn how to create a Fire Emblem-inspired turn based strategy game. Would you recommended going through the whole game tutorial for the sake of learning the system anyway?
  • Yes. ;-)

    The grid battle tutorials just extend the original set by adding grid-based movement and targeting. You still need to go through the base set of tutorials to learn how to create status values, abilities, formulas, how to set up the UI, etc.

    Also, I strongly recommend doing the "build a game" tutorials from start to finish (all 50 parts), without changing anything (not even swapping out character models). This includes not skipping the ones that feel irrelevant to the game you want to make (such as real time battles).

    Trust me on this.
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