I have a couple of combatants with equipment viewers attached to their skeletons to display their equipment. Its all working beautifully except that for every piece of equipment that is displayed at the equipment viewer, there is another clone also at the models feet.... I have no idea how that happens. I was thinking that I might be spawning the combatants two times, but that does not seem to be the case. I am also 100% sure that there is no Equipment Viewer at the root. Has anyone ran into a similar problem?
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    That sounds very strange - my first guess would be another equipment viewer placed at the there.

    If that's not it, I'd need more details on your equipment viewer's setup :)
    Also, while playing in Unity, check out where these extra equipments are placed (i.e. which game object they're a child of).
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    Thanks for reply Gil,

    Just want to tell you how impressed I am with the OrkFramework and I have been having alot of fun with it for the past month. Almost finished my first Demo of a game already :) .

    This issue is strange indeed, the equipment prefabs are spawned at the right location, a helmet and a weapon in the right hand, But both prefabs are also spawned as "(clone)" at the root of the model, parented to the root of the GameObject/Combatant. I am using mecanim for animations.

    I fixed this issue by adding a script to my Actors, and than adding a tag to all equipment prefabs "equippedItem". Than removing all gameobjects with that tag from the root of my combatant in the event combatant.Equipment.Change. It works for me, but it is not ideal...

    This might be the fault of some of my code.... but if you can think of anything than I would appriciate it..
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  • I'd need a Unity test project where this is happening to check it out. Send it to contact@orkframework.com in case you want me to investigate :)
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