Would you mind verifying the following scenario is working correctly, please?

I have a HUD with Blocking Menus set to YES
I have added the open menus when I want the HUD to display; however, the HUD is not displaying when any of these menu screens are open. The menus are off to the side of the screen and not blocking the HUD. I believe that I have this setup correctly for the HUD to display.

I have SHOP and EVENT set to yes as well. When in a shop or an event, the HUD displays as expected.

As always, thanks.
  • Most likely a wrong game state setup - all defined states must be valid, e.g. if you have blocking menus and shops set to yes, it'll only display when both are valid (i.e. having a shop and the blocking menu screen open).
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  • Ah, looks like I misunderstood how that all works together. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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