I'm attempting to get the "Option 2: Adding the event to the town scene" completed but I'm missing something. The Option 1 method works fine. I deleted that and tried the Option 2 method and while the scene loads all I get is the camera pointed at the general location where I placed the empty GameObject. The player is not spawned.

I've deleted and recreated the GameObject a couple times to no avail.



I may be missing something obvious but would appreciate any assistance.

As a follow-up question: Is there addendum to the current tutorials to cover changes in the software since the tutorials were posted? Thanks.
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    The setup looks correct, and works on my end (did a quick test). My best guess is that you have some other event running that's potentially blocking this event. Try enabling In Blocked Control and check if there's any other event in the scene that could block this event (if both are blocking events).

    The tutorials are usually updated when settings change.
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  • Thank you for the prompt response. I restarted the tutorial and think I determined the issue--the empty GameObject must be a child of the spawn point. Makes perfect sense in hindsight.

  • Hm, no, that isn't a requirement at all - you can have the empty game object (or any other game object) with the event interaction anywhere in the scene, being on its own or a child object.
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