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So I open this thread to not spam many threads at this Alpha Testing that some people are trying the game. So my questions:

1) Is it possible in quests to have updates not only after I finish a task, but a part of a task, example: Quest: Cut 10 wood. When I cut the 1st wood to get 1/10 wood as a notification.

2) Marker in navigation bar for the Village to be visible with a marker from very far away, i ve seen the custom navigation interaction, but I cannot understand how I let the navigation bar what element I want to use (lets say i have the custom marker named Village"

3) Can the player give a name on save game files?

4) Can I have a "last events" GUI Box, to have like the 50 last events happened? For example, Wood added to inventory, You successfully crafted a weapon, Quest finished etc. etc. So instead of the top info gui box, to have this so the player can have a small history of what happened. And if its that the case, can I also separate them to type of info? (Quest/Craft etc.)

5) Tooltip on mouse over on Item types (tabs) in inventory doesn't show up, is it a feature?

Thank you GIL.
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  • 1) I don't think notifications for updating quest tasks (e.g. collecting a required item) are currently available.

    2) You can add custom navigation markers through the event system (Navigation Marker node).

    3) No.

    4) That can be handled by the console feature - check out the console settings in the Game section of the ORK editor. The console can be displayed with a Console HUD.

    5) There are currently no tooltips for tabs.
  • Ok thank you,

    6) Can I press escape (which is the Main Menu button) and have a highlighted menu to close? to be the default close button, but without opening the Main Menu (overview).
  • 6) No, if the input key calls the main menu, that's what it'll do :)
  • about 4. I created the console and is all good, but is there any way to have the latest event on top instead of the bottom? and (yeah I ask a lot :P ) to fade the text from the earliest event (full) to the oldest visible (very transparent).
  • Enable Invert Console in the console HUD's settings.
    Fading the text out isn't really possible, but if you're using the new UI, you could use a content mask for the content box of that GUI box.
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    7) Trying to spawn a combatant (Spawn Combatant node) on the position of the object (like its a shop that sells combatants) but the closest I can do is on players position, is it possible to have an option to spawn it in event object position, or to have an offset of the player's position? because now it spawn exactly where the player is and it feels odd (pushing the player etc.)

    8) When I trade items (in our inventories) with an AI Combatant of my group I can only block control and control maps from the Menu Screen of AI combatants Inventory, but not the move AI, so when the trade starts the event finishes and the 2 inventories open, so the AI combatant starts moving again, any way to avoid that?

    9) How would I approach an enchant system for weapons/armors? For example I would like to talk to an NPC, pay something, choose one of my weapons/armor of my inventory and enchant it adding a fire effect for example(will have a new prefab there I guess).

    My main problem is that when I tried to create an event either with an enchant scroll or an NPC enchant system, I cannot find how I can choose the weapon or armor from inventory, so I miss an inventory list event I guess? Any thoughts?
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  • 7) Currently you'd have to first store the position of the game object into a variable (Transform to Variable node) and use that variable in the Spawn Combatant node.

    8) Using the Pause Game options will block the move AI.

    9) That's done through status effects, check out the enchant fire effect from the game tutorials. This is bound to the combatant, not a certain weapon.
    You'd have to use Selected Data and equipment variables for doing a weapon-bound system, see this gameplay tutorial for an example on doing the basics. However, you'd have to build your whole custom element system based on the equipment variables for that.
    Alternatively, you could just replace the weapon with one that is enchanted (i.e. custom base attack with whatever element).
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    8) Pause Game option Pauses the game so I cannot trade between inventories.

    9) Trying to select the Right Hand equipment with selected data and then enable the effect, but its just doesnt work, I can't find my error. here is my graph:



    The Show dialogue works at the end (its a test i do to know that the event run).

    Tried many variants of this graph, with using just a deactivate of the right hand equipment (the sword gameobject), or search objects.

    my goal is to select which event equipment gameobject is in the right hand, and enable the effects child.
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  • 8) Pause game has no influence on being able to trade between inventories. Unless one of the used menu screens isn't using the Pause Game option, as it'd be blocked in that case.
    You can alternatively use game events when opening or closing the menu screen and do move AI blocking in them.

    9) That's not how it works - in the combatant settings (Select Equipment node), you need to define the game object of the combatant, not the child object where the equipment viewer is located.
    If it's for enabling or spawning effects on equipment, you can't use selected data anyway, as there's no connection between the equipment and the spawned viewer prefab - you can directly do that on the combatant's game object (where the equipment would be a child object).
  • 9) Hmm So I can understand it better, what node should I use to get the weapon gameobject, without having to search for a name or tag? or this is the only way?
  • 9) The weapon is spawned by an equipment viewer on your combatant's game object, i.e. you can access it wherever needed through the child object setting when selecting an object. E.g. if you want to enable or disable an effect object on the weapon's game object, you'd use an Activate Object node, using the combatant's game object (e.g.
    User actor in battle events) and define the path to the child object (e.g. LeftHand/EquipmentViewer/Weapon/Effect).
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    9) Forgive me if I don't understand this but this is how I do it on other things, but for weapons (having 150 weapons and growing), I m trying to have a search node that finds what sword I m holding, because the names are sword01, sword02 etc. Else I ll to make an other search for each weapon if I understand it correctly? To be more specific, I use a scroll that runs this event, so it can find the sword/armor I m holding and enchant it (enable effect on weapon prefab).
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    You can use the Viewer Name setting of the weapon/armor to define the name of the spawned game object - i.e. you can use this to just have each one spawn with the same name to make things easier.
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    9)yeap life is good again, thank you :) Now how can I store the state of the weapon (enabled the effect gameobject) even when I de-equip the weapon and the equip it again so it still has the effect and every change I ve made to the exact weapon?

    To be more specific, now I use selected data to store variables, and search objects with the Viewer Name to activate the weapon, and also some status changes which are saved fine when I unequip, what is not saved is the effect gameobject that i enable. But only save changes in the exact weapon because it might drop again from a monster and i need it to be initialized to the default version.

    Possible Bug: I use Change Equipment Status Value and when I use it twice in 1 event, it doesnt update the player stats the second time. In my example I have +15 str for 1st level of enchant and +20 more on 2nd level of enchant. My Player STR goes from 92 to 107 and it stays there if i enchant the weapon to level 2, but the weapon has the full enchantment STR correctly, and when unequip/equip my Players STR goes to 127 correctly.

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    You'd have to store that in the equipment variables of the weapon - which you can change in events by selecting the weapon from the equipment part and store it in selected data (Select Equipment node). Now you can change and check the variables from that weapon by using the selected data variable origin and the key you defined.

    I'll look into the issue.

    Edit: Try using a Reset Combatant Status node after changing the equipment's status values.
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