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So I use P.A.T.C.H. assets from asset store to push updates of my game to some alpha testers (expect many questions from me at this time :P ), I didn't have any problem but yesterday someone reported about cannot load a game after an update (he could start a new game without any problem), what I noticed in this update I changed a recipe (removed a material needed) and the player already learned this recipe before the update, also other save games loaded fine (the player haven't learned this recipe yet), so maybe this was the problem? Is that make any sense to you @gamingislove ?

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  • Yes, that could be the case - if a save game contains deleted stuff (e.g. an item or recipe, tied to their settings through their ID), it'll still have those when loading the game, leading to possible errors when trying to access these deleted settings.
    Same goes for moving stuff around, e.g. if a save game has 2 potions (e.g. ID 0) and the potion is moved down (e.g. now having ID 1), the save game will have 2 of whatever now is ID 0 in the items :)

    I'll try to add some safeguards in future updates, but it's mostly your responsibility as the game's developer to keep consistency with save games - i.e. never just remove content, rather make it unusable by changing the settings :)
  • Good point, thank you!
  • I've added some safeguards when loading a save game that should catch most of these kinds of issues, but you'll still have to keep consistancy with the IDs when having your game out there :)
  • You rock as alwys, thank you.
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