Without making any changes to spawning player, when I start a new game there are four copies of the Player character in the party. While that sure makes battles easier, that's not really the intended result. I'm not really sure where to look to solve the problem, any thoughts on where this could be triggered?
  • That's most likely either your start event adding multiple combatants to the player group, or the start event being started multiple times (e.g. if you used both option 1 and option 2 from this tutorial, instead of only using 1 of the methods to start the start event).
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    Weird. I couldn't find any instance where this was the case, so I saved and reloaded Unity editor and I was back to one character instance in the party.

    But as I work and edit and test, slowly new instances of the PC creep back into the party. Quitting Unity and restarting solves this, but that doesn't seem to be a good long term solution.
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  • Yeah, that's very strange - due to Unity reloading everything (and ORK also being reinitialized) it's pretty much impossible that there'd be old player group members still hanging around when playing and stopping the game.

    I'd need a test Unity project to check it out :)
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