Hello guys, am trying to activate multiple damage dealer in one battle event, in other to do multiple damage(to calculate damage twice). I tried using two different tags on my two swords, but it seems only the first sword damage dealer activated. I know i can animate damage twice on the ability, it doesn't rhyme with animations.
  • Yes, you can do that - auto activation will activate all damage dealers attached to the combatant's game object and manual activation will activate all damage dealers on the used game object(s).
    You can activate them with the same tag as well.

    Can you post some details about your setup if it's not working?
  • @gamingislove .Thanks, managed to solve the problem. The only issue now is that, am trying to do some damage to some enemy combatant within a certain diameter, when a particle prefab is spawn. So i added a damage dealer to the particle prefab. But the problem is that, when i spawn the particle prefab, i would like to delay the activation of the damage(delay damage for some seconds) for some time. But it seems the spawn prefab node doesn't have a wait. So i can't delay the activation of damage dealers after spawning prefab. Is there another way to achieve this?
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    Simply add a Wait node between spawning the prefab and activating the damage dealer :)
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