With the New UI option I've created a menu with buttons that have an arrow animation on highlight whereas the arrow moves beyond the area of the menu object and back into place. Since there is a RectMask2D that is automatically assigned to the content object in the hierarchy the arrow is not seen beyond the area of the menu object. Obviously this is due to the RectMask2D doing it's job properly but is it possible to just deactivate it entirely?
  • You'd have to change that in the gameplay code (UIHelper class in the CreateContentPanel function) or write a custom script that disables rect masks in parent objects and add that to your button prefab.

    Disabling/removing the mask will obviously also influence all the other content displayed by the GUI box, i.e. stuff might be suddenly visible outside of the box :)
  • I'm assuming that access to the code remains in the paid version so when I upgrade I'll try that out. For now I'm using the Choice Icon, thanks!
  • Yep, code access is only available in the full version.
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