Hi again.
I'm trying to use ORK in mobile game, but having difficulties with optimization caused by ORK.
Even easy scenes with 200polys and 2-4 drawcalls on background and 1k polys on single main character on scene works with unstable 30-15fps on low-end smartphone. But this is not an option for atmospheric RPG.

Profiler says that problem in behaviour.update section and ORKHandler. But there is no additional elements exept ORK's core elements on scene.
Is there any way to optimize ORK's core for work with mobile platform?
  • Are you using the new UI?
    That's probably what's causing it - depending on your UI setup (e.g. Combatant HUDs that are often updated due to status changes) this can result in somewhat heavy impact.
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    impact on performance with no UI is 25-8% on 10-50k polys and 20-100 drawcalls scene. which is significant. Using New UI instead of Legacy UI is 5-1% reduction(from 25-8% to 20-6%)

    example: empty scene with only 4k poly char and floor-box. 400-500fps
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  • OK. Found something. Is some way to reduce update ticks of ORKHandler in Field? I don't need it to update every frame(1 second delay for example) and it is serious impact on performance.
  • No, everything in ORK is handled by that update tick, from input keys to UI to running status effects, etc.

    If there is permanent performance issues coming from this, it's because there is something going on the whole time, e.g. updating the HUD every frame (which usually only happens when something changed).
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