Another feature-heavy update with many things sponsored by @Bantichai is currently in development - release probably by the end of June.

Most noteworthy updates are:
  • Update to the battle camera
    The automatic battle camera can optionally be used in addition to the event camera changes and now also supports using the camera control target changes from built-in (and custom cameras derived from the BaseCameraControl class).
  • Update to status previews
    Beside being able to switch between previewed stats and the real stats (e.g. having a HUD blink between preview and real stats), you can also display status value changes that represent a range instead of using a single value. This can be displayed in texts (e.g. Damage 35~50) as well as on value bars (adding new bar image/color settings for positive and negative change ranges). You can also display a text for stats that aren't being changed, and other things.
  • Grid Highlights
    New grid highlights (e.g. for the currently selecting combatant or available targets) and hiding selected highlights when hovering the cursor over a GUI box.
  • Grid Event Nodes
    There'll be a bunch of new event nodes for grid battles :)
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    I've secretly been wanting to use the auto camera with event cameras. I cannot express how happy that makes me.

    Bantichai, thanks for your support!
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  • Glad to hear this! After a long hiatus, I've gotten back into ORK development and I'm eager to try out the new Grid combat.

    Thanks again for your commitment to supporting ORK!
  • I hope if you guys also have feature requests that you commission GIL to put it in the public build, together we can all help make ORK even better :)
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