Dear @gamingislove ,

As I love your work, and I use it as my main framework on the game I'm making, with like 1+ year more in development for sure, I would really love to know some of the future features on ORK, I know that is not easy to do, and I'm not asking for a road-map, just your thoughts so we can get an idea of what is coming for this awesome framework.

Will we see ORK 3? Will that be import-compatible with ORK 2? Any thoughts on Networking? Co-working? give us something :D

Best Regards!
  • Beside my long list of big and small features/improvements, most of the updates depend on the requests made by users, so there's no road-map in that regard.

    Yes, ORK 3 will be happening - I'd actually planned to already be working on it, but I've been pretty busy with payed feature updates the last months. When ORK 3 is coming, you'll be able to upgrade your ORK 2 project (mostly automatic), and it'll also have better co-working support.
    I'll open a topic for ORK 3 sooner or later to give everyone some insights on it.

    Networking will probably never be a built-in thing. Neither am I an expert in that matter, nor am I really interested in it :)
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    The "upgrade your ORK 2 project (mostly automatic)" made me smile, and its what I wanted to hear.

    Thank you GIL!

    As far goes to Networking, I guess Unity is not helping for something BIG in that matter, but for the shake of 2-4 players co-op for example, it would be cool if some members here could make a patch around this, mostly to have spawning combatants with a network feature (so you can have player1,2 etc.) wouldnt be that big of a project.

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  • Multiplayer schmultiplayer. ;-)

    I'm fine with ORK being the ultimate solution for single player RPGs. There are other assets more focused on multiplayer RPGs.

    Better support for multiple developers is probably the most crucial feature.
  • the main thing is it's nice to know that Ork has a planned future, in some form or other

    to be honest i'm not greatly interested in multiplayer or multideveloper. top of my personal wishlist would probably be better intrinsic player/camera controls built into the next version. sure it's possible to replace them, but that's never quite as simple as it sounds, and it would be nice if the user could just sit down and start writing their game using Ork right out of the box, with modern player and camera controls built in

    (but, if that doesn't happen, well, it wouldn't be the end of the world)
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    Yeah I get you, that was also one of my priorities, but then I started messing around with integrating other controllers, and got the results I wanted.

    Multi-dev is a cool feature because you can use someone novice in game-dev just for data entry (armors-weapons-items-quests).
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