Hello, I have a single game object with two material slots at material index 0 and 1 in the renderer. I wish to change both materials with change material nodes. I can change the material at index 0 using a default "change material" node, which changes the "main material" (I assume that just means index 0, which all materials have). But when I try to change the material by index, by checking "Change Indexed Material" and entering an index value (0 or 1, in my case) it doesn't work. Nothing happens. In a separate schematic, I was able to change the _EmissionColor by material index using as "Material Color" node, so I think I have the basic concept. What might prevent me from switching one or both materials on one object using two change material nodes using the index checkbox?
  • Yep, there's a bug - will be fixed in the next update :)
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  • Thanks. As always, I appreciate your dedication. Makinom is my all-time favorite Unity Asset!
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