ORK Framework 2.11.1 is here: release notes

This update only adds Unity 5.6 support/requirement - check out ORK 2.11.0 release notes for all the latest features
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    Great! Iv been waiting for this one.

    Does this fix the camera and player control blocks not working?

    (Not at home...so can't test at this very moment)
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    Unity 5.6.1, when i press play, unity crashes, i had no problem with 2.10.1 (just had the compatibility problems in game).

    I tried deleting ork and reinstall it, still the same problem.

    Also tried 5.6.0f1 same problem, just before unity closes i get the message on console:

    StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow.
    ORKFramework.Group.get_Inventory ()
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  • @dlevel
    Hm, strange - can you send me a small Unity test project?
    Since it's crashing when playing, your ORK project asset and maybe the scene you're starting in should be enough ...

    Probably - it wasn't happening on my end, and probably came from an issue with the new UI that's fixed in this version.
  • Ok sending you the exact same test package i created a couple of months ago for the shortcuts equipment box problem, just upgraded to unity 5.6 and ork 2.11.1.

    In this one which is a simple scene, unity doesnt completely crashes, but it has the same error and player doesnt load, so i guess is the same.
  • in case the info is of any use, i've just upgraded to unity5.6, and then upgraded my project (which uses the old UI, not the new-fangled one) to ork2.11.1, and, for me anyway, it all seems to have gone without a hitch

    thanks gil. i don't know when you find time to sleep...
  • Thanks for great update! Been waiting for this one especially.
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  • @dlevel
    Yeah, there's an issue when using Individual inventories, I'll soon release ORK 2.11.2 with a fix for that :)
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    @gamingislove thank you :)
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  • hahah I'm and idiot
    The camera issue was totally my fault. I accidentally used spaces in the custom camera name. False alarm! >_> oopsy...

    Just letting you guys know here too since I brought it up.
    Make sure your Camera's behavior name matches the script name not the asset name >_>;
    I even wrote a tutorial on that asset and still buggered it up.
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