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ORK Framework 2.11.0 is here: release notes


ORK 2.11.0 will be out this week, adding a long list of new features, mostly connected to shortcuts and (grid) battles.
ORk 2.11.1 will be out shortly afterwards (probably 1-2 days later), bringing Unity 5.6 compatibility!

Shortcut Updates
There's a new sub-section for general shortcut settings: Menus > Shortcut Settings
Beside defining default settings for stuff that was previously only set up per class/combatant (e.g. number of shortcut lists or default shortcut assignments), there are also multiple new features, e.g.:
  • Shortcut Layout
    There's a default shortcut layout for all HUDs, and can naturally be overridden by each HUD. You can also define different layouts for abilities, items and other shorcuts.
    Additionaly, you can also define different background images and highlight colors for inactive (unusable), active (i.e. in use or target selection) and highlighted (cursor over) shortcuts.
  • Auto Add Slots
    You can define a range of slots (e.g. list 0 slot 1-10) that will automatically be filled with new shortcuts.
    E.g. automatically add a shortcut for a newly learned ability.
  • Auto Arrange Slots
    You can define a range of slots that will automatically be arranged (i.e. filling up gaps in the list) when a shortcut is removed.
  • Special Action Shortcuts
    Special actions like defend, escape or the grid commands (e.g. move) can now also be added as shortcuts.
Grid/Battle Updates
Most of the updates revolve around the grid examine command and battle menus, e.g.:
  • Optional Battle Menu
    You can now make the battle menu optional in turn based, active time and phase battles.
    I.e. you can disable automatically calling the battle menu on a combatant's turn and either open/close it using a defined input key or rely on other input methods, e.g. control maps or shortcut HUDs.
  • Cell Info
    Grid cell types can now define name, description and icon in all languages, including text codes to show the move cost of the cell.
    The information can be displayed in the new cell info dialogue in the grid examine command.
  • Always Grid Examine
    The grid examine command can now be set up to be always active during grid battles.
    Or, mostly always active - during other cell selections (e.g. move target cell) you can optionally also examine the cell (showing combatant/cell info dialogues).
  • Battle Ranges: Grid Shape
    New Ring grid shape for battle ranges.
  • Blocked cells can optionally be passable for movement, i.e. you can't stop on them, but can move over them.
There are also a lot of other small new features coming, e.g. weapons/armors can optionally be one-time equips and removed when unequipping them, control maps can fire global events or support for custom save game functionality.

Some features of this update have been sponsored by @Bantichai.
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  • That's fantastic timing Gil! I know it wasn't Unity 5.6 supported but I had literally just started poking the new editor with 5.10 to see the new changes.

    Do you see foresee any upgrades issues?
    Or will it be the seamless as usual? :)
  • Will Unity 5.6 be required for this update?
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    Hope everyone can benefit from these new features, there will be more grid feature updates to come :)
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    it's always with a spot of trepidation that i upgrade to new versions of Unity (or indeed anything), because it's almost guaranteed that at least some stuff i'm working on will get broken. but, it's also great to see that Ork's still growing and developing, and although i'm still plodding along with turn-based battles, i'm also looking forward to implementing some of the new grid-based stuff in my next project

    thanks for all your hard work gil
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    Very interesting and nice things. Looking forward to it. Bantichai, I assume you are responsible largely for this major update? If so, thank you very much.

    Gil, when you said
    weapons/armors can optionally be one-time equips and removed when unequipping them.
    Can it also do this?

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  • Awesome news! Thank you GIL for your consistency.
  • @Shadow_Fire Yes I sponsored this update as well and asked GiL to implement these features, he's been amazing as we have gone through numerous adjustments. I wanted an in-house interface that was similar to XCOM and now ORK has that.

    The other additions to come are:

    1. An attack off opportunity system, similar to games like Age of Decadence, Battle Brothers.
    2. An easier way to define abilities that result in an combatant moving to a defined grid, ie knock back.

    There a few other small additions that I personally need for my own game that GiL will also implement in the future :)
  • Forgot to mention that some of the features have been sponsored by @Bantichai - thanks for that :)

    I've already updated Makinom to Unity 5.6 (will be released alongside ORK 2.11.1 with Untiy 5.6 compatibility) and didn't run into major issues.

    No, but for ORK 2.11.1 which will follow soon after.

    That's pretty much the same functionality, yes :)
    While the Keep Unequipped option in Change Equipment nodes handled this just for this one node, you can now also set a weapon/armor directly to only be equipped once and be gone when removed.
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  • GIL online at this time, something tells me we get an update today :hushed:

    waiting for the full update list :)
  • @dlevel
    Sorry to burst your bubble - was busy updating the forum software :)
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  • Bantichai, I'm not really sure what xcom is, so I'll have to check it out, but I think we can all agree when I say that you are one of the best thing that has ever happen to ork.

    Gil, that's good news! All this waiting has finally pays off. :)
  • ORK Framework 2.11.0 is here: release notes
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  • Thanks GIL the "block active time" node is just what I needed!
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