Hello guys, i created an ability and am trying to set the distance range and angle a target(enemy) needs to be, to be affected by the ability. I created a battle range template which i used on the 'Affect range setting' of the ability, but i noticed that there is no setting for the angle the target needs to be, before is affected. I want the target to be within a particular angle from the users line of sight for him to be affected.

But unfortunately ork doesn't have ability affect angles. I know there are so many experienced ork users here. Please i need an assistance on how to do this, even if it involves third party asset that can be integrated with ork. Like playmaker actons for ork by gamekkakak. Thank in advance
  • Currently not possible, I'll look into adding it in future updates. It's possible only for grid battles by defining grid shapes as needed.

    Without using affect range, you could probably do this in the battle event of the ability. Since the Calculate node has a setting to Use Other Targets, you can pretty much use any kind of method to find targets, like raycasting or searching within range (e.g. storing them in the Found Targets).
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    @gamingislove .Am not really good in scripting, but am using 'playmaker actions for ork' together with ork and playmaker. The problem with raycasting, is that is just a straight line, a target may actually be within affect zone, but the raycast might miss it. So is not accurate.

    So i added a box trigger(i added a box gameobject to the combatant player, removed the box mesh component, then set it as a trigger. Then uncheck the box, so that it is inactive by default ) to combatant, such that when the animations starts playing, the box is set to active using playmaker, then if a target is within the triggger or enters trigger,when the animation is playing, then damage is done. Then when the animation finishes playing, the trigger is set to inactive(to avoid doing damage when attack is not playing). The problem now is that i don't know if you use a tag to identify targets in your script, because i don't want to do damage to combatants that are my partners or group members when am performing attack. So please can you advice on how to filter my supposed target when performing attack, can i use tag to filter them? Finally, am pretty new to game development, i don't know if this approach will be expensive for mobile device, in terms of performance. Thanks in advance.
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  • @gamingislove. I also forgot to ask you something. After creating events for spawning fireballs using damage dealer, can i edit the script since ork framework is dll? I would like to use object spooning to spawn the fireballs prefab instead of using instantiate, since am targeting mobile platforms. Thanks in advance
  • The full version contains the gameplay source code project for you to change the code and compile your own ORK dll :)
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    @gamingislove did you use tag to filter player group from enemy group, in case an attack animation is playing, to prevent doing damage to a combatant group member. Must a combatant be set as target before damage is done to the status value(like health)
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  • No, there are no tags involved there - this depends on the combatant's faction if it's a possible target or not.
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