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For those interested in getting experience with working in a team environment as well as make new friends I decided to create a community project. I will go into detail below, if you're interested in participating please read the following.... however if you have comments or suggestions please use the other discussion I created linked here.


Ok, what is a Community Collaboration Project?

This is a non-marketable project where multiple people/groups build game systems within a set of guidelines. There are no funds, and no ownership of anything with in the project. Credit will be given for all who participate no matter the amount they contribute.

What is the project?

It will be a RPG (kind of a given), with a start & end. The rest will be ironed out during the early stages.

Time Line/flow

Stage 0- few weeks to a month - Getting Started
This is time I will allow for others to join, give people a chance to get in from the start.

Stage 1 - three weeks - Put together game doc
This will be the time when the group and I (or me) create the game's start and finish and general things.

Stage 2 - three months - Develop Game
Need a firm development time so for something like this I say 3 months should be plenty, this is new for most people.

Stage 3 - one month - Stop Deveopment and Everyone Test
During development (Stage 2) there will be some testing, but with constant build updates the bulk of the testing will need to be done after, in case we need to develop more

Stage 4 - two -four weeks - Fix any bugs
I would hope we find few bugs or issues, but just in case it's good to have some time.

Stage 5 - two weeks - Discuss together about the state of the game
At this point we should have a complete game, with little to no bugs (some are sneaky), but as a team I want to spend two additional weeks to see if there are any changes or small additions we want to add. This stage I wouldn't do with a marketable game, but in something like this I say why not.

Stage 6 - one month - Decide if Finished or Not
Did we have other updates?

YES - then we use this time to create them and start back at Stage 3, however skip Stage 5 this time.

NO - then that's it, we provide the game link and allow people to play the final game, and for those who want to see who we did it we link it like the game tutorials on here.

So that's the time line, keeping on track will be great for getting a feel for normal game development. The last piece is some rules to keep things organized and set standards.

1- Free/Self Made Assets
For now, need to consider things, may use some other assets and strip them out later

2- Totally friendly
I didn't make this for people to argue or intentionally damage ones work on the project. Every choice will be debated as a group, unless permission is given no one is to alter anyone's work. This is for fun, lets have fun.

3- No political/religious real world things
I think everyone's allowed to have there own beliefs and views but for this project lets remain neutral.

4- Only Ork Member's
A given but you need to own a legit copy of ORK, will most likely require proof to participate.

5- Have fun and don't stress
Just have fun, if you start a level or something and can't finish don't worry just let me know. If you allow me I can delegate what you started to be finished or we can scrap it.

Ok lets finish up this long post, if you're interested you can post here or message me. Remember you must have a legit copy of ORK. Thanks.
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  • Here's how the skeleton of how the game will work. (High Level Overview)

    Will use the game tutorial in its completed state as a foundation and build from that. Depending on what people want to do, the UI and main scenes may change. There will be a Main Menu, and HUB scene. The HUB scene will link to all the other scenes we make. Each scene(s) will have a solo owner in charge of content and gameplay. I'm thinking we do something like collecting a key at the end of each scene/level making each level have tangle way to complete. (just a thought, nothing firm until group collab stage) Each person could incorporate new systems in their own levels, once perfected cross level implementation could happen.

    I good example would be if someone creates this awesome harvesting system, has it complete and working as intended and I play test it and want it in one of my scenes. Then together we work on added it into my scene.

    The Ork system already handles pretty much everything one needs to make a RPG, but its how each one of use uses and expands it that will make this project special. And its not just the game systems, we need a story to, quest, items etc.
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