I'm new to Ork but not visual scripting solutions, came to Ork because of the amount of features it already has. I also have Makinom but new to that as well.

So what I'm looking to create is a game similar to Final Fantasy Tactics. (I saw the Grid system, wish I could have helped support the group fund thing, that was the thing that brought me over, thanks for those that did). My question is about a world map just like FFT where you move from point to point and some points are just spots for random battles, some for missions, and others are stores etc.

In which system would this be best implemented in?

I know Ork is in no matter what but would it be easier to do in combination with Makinom or is Orks event system enough to handle this task alone?
  • ORK's event system should be enough for that. In short, you'd set up your world map as a scene, where the individual points would be game objects with Event Interaction components, where each starts a game event loading whatever scene or open whatever shop you need.

    You'll probably need to set the click distance for those events to -1 to ignore the player distance to the event, e.g. in case you don't spawn the player on the world map.
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  • Thanks for the quick response
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