I want to use Check Shape to gather some objects within a radius. I know I can use the use hit object section to store the objects but I'm not sure what options to use. I want to be able to later select one specific object that was stored by check shapes as well to swap with another cell or to change its color for example. I've read that I can do this with list but again I'm lost as to how exactly I need to set this up?
  • Set Use Hit Object to Selected Data to store all hit game objects into a selected data list. The Data Key is used to identify the objects later, so e.g. set it to hitObjects.
    If the objects are only used in the running schematic, set the Data Origin to Local, otherwise keep it as Global. You'll most likely need to set the Change Type to Set, i.e. the Check Shape node will replace any objects that have previously been stored in the selected data using the key you define.

    Afterwards, you can use those game objects by selecting Selected Data in the object selections and using the key you defined.

    You can use the filter settings (or a filter node) to further filter down the objects that are stored.
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    Is there a way to get the GameObject in the SelectedData by index rather than a filter?

    and thank you.
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  • No, that's currently not possible.
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