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I attached a bunch of gameobjects to a parent empty object. On a trigger, I want to enabled/disabled all the children of that parent object. Is there an easy way to do it in Makinon/Ork? I don't see any such option in the Activate Object node.
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  • The easiest way is to enable/disable the parent object, since that would also enable/disable the child objects.

    Otherwise you can do that in Makinom by first using a Select Components node to store all Transform components in selected data (using the All In Children scope). Now you can use an Activate Object node using the selected data you stored the components in, that'll use the game objects of the stored components.
  • Ahhh I remember long ago you said that disabled object can't be enabled unless they are a child of another gameobject. I even tested it and it didn't work back then. When did they change it? Either way, awesome news for me because it works now. Thanks!
  • That wasn't the case - disabled game objects can always be enabled, it's just that Unity can't find disabled objects (e.g. when using the find object settings in an ORK event). You could always work around that by either selecting the game object as an actor in the event interaction (i.e. using an Object actor without find object enabled), or by parenting it to another object that isn't disabled.
  • Ah yeah, that actually makes more sense. Thanks for the clarification and advice :)
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