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Heya GiL;

I've been dealing with a weird Unity issue where about 75% of the time if I make a small change to a scene, switch scenes, or do anything to the project in general, really, it brings up a progress window: 'Importing Small Assets' for 3-10 seconds. It's been happening since around last fall.

I got frustrated and decided to rebuild in a new project. But after I imported the ORK project file + folder containing all of my ORK events (Around 500~) the issue began to rear its ugly head again. Even reducing it to 200 event files + meta caused the issue. Removing the event folder stopped it again.

Maybe an issue with the project file, or a specific event or do you figure the sheer number of events is causing the notification to appear? (Even if it's doing something as simple as opening and closing the ORK framework editor without doing anything!) Not sure why the editor thinks it needs to be reimporting small assets (event files?) over and over, any ideas? :(

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