Hey guys, I am currently looking at adding a few new features for the grid combat. Long story short I am adding "Attacks of Opportunity" with the AI along with that and an easy way to implement knockback abilities, or how to specify a tile a combatant should be moved to. It would be done in a similar way to combat range battle masks.

Here is GiL's response:

1. New event nodes for cell movement (including line of sight/blocking) and swapping cell occupants as you explained. New options for the battle AI grid move node to support flanking an enemy.

2. I had a bit of trouble finding the best way to implement this. It’s a bit to specialized to add it to the general settings of ORK, so I’d like to implement this solely using the event system (and shortcut slots for defining which ability to use).
In short, I’ll add new event nodes to do the needed things like use range checks and performing actions without disrupting the whole battle mechanic when called from the event.


In addition to these two main features, I am adding a shortcut bar that can replace the battle menu, aka XCOM ability bar style. I understand that this could probably be implemented already but I wanted to do it natively in ORK.

If any of you are interested, please let me know and I will invite you to a private discussion, for those that are curious I solely funded the previous Research Update myself.


Just ask and I can invite you to the private discussion.
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