I'm using an analog stick input, and that's all working correctly, but I my character can either always walk (if I increase the Run threshold on the player's combatant) to something above 6, or always run if it is 6 or less. What am I missing? How do I tell the animations to fire for walking when the stick is moved to, say, 0.5 of it's max position, and then switch running when it's pushed all the way (to 1, or, I don't know, greater than 0.8)?

Can anyone recommend a good set of threshold values that work well?
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    If you want fixed movement speeds based on the analog stick input, you'd have to use a custom player control. The built-in controls use the axis value and multiply that by the combatant's run speed, and the auto move animations are based on the game object's actual speed.

    If you just want fixed animations, you'd have to disable using auto move animations and use a custom animation controller.
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