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Hi everyone I'm new on the forums and I've been using Makinom off and on but I'm curious as to if Makinom is capable of helping me make a 2.5d Super Smash Bros type of game. If yes then I'd like a hint or advice on where to start. Basically I already have all of the 3d content covered I'm just looking for a little guidance as to the starting point using Makinom. Although I've been learning C# lately and I must say that programming in C# in Unity3d isn't too bad but I'd prefer to use Makinom alone. Hopefully one of you can help me out here because I'm lost on where to start.
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  • Yes, that should be possible using Makinom. If you've done some of the Makinom game tutorials you'll already know the basics on how to set up a health system and doing damage.

    The best setup would probably be to have each attack as a separate schematic, added to your fighters using tagged machines to start them as needed.

    So, doing damage would be done using a child objects on your fighter with a setup like this:
    - collider
    - object variables (to store the damage that should be dealt)
    - collision/trigger machine for damaging other fighters
    - disable the child object
    You could set up multiple such damage dealers, e.g. for attacking with hand or feet.

    The attack schematics would do this:
    - set the damage for the attack on the needed damage dealer (object variables)
    - enable the damage dealer
    - animate the attack (play an animation, particle effects, etc.)
    - disable the damage dealer
    The tagged machines for the different attacks need to have the damage dealer child object selected as an actor.

    The rest is just performing the attacks by starting the tagged machine you need through the tag you defined on them. E.g. for the player after a series of input nodes for using a button combo.
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