I haven't found any Makinom tutorials for this function.

I have a character I want to have move forward to a specific distance upon key press

( The distance is determined by an empty game object placed in front of Player which is attached to the prefab, so it is always in front regardless of character direction) . Like it was charging forwards.

In ORK this is done with Change position and works OK however this causes my character to go through walls.

From what I've read online, I need to use Rigidbody MovePosition and that is available in Makinom.

I'm doing now is an Ork event for the Keypress and calling (plugin) a Makinom machine to run schematic with the Rigidbody Move Position. However it doesn't work, no errors, no movement forward. I can't see where it doesn't work as the console output isn't working for some reason.

Are there any tutorials about using Makinom and Rigidbody Move Position?


  • You can also use Makinom's Change Position node for this, using the Rigidbody move component settings.
    Make sure you're using the correct game object with a correctly set up rigidbody component.

    I'd need more details on your schematic to give more advice.
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    At the moment I'd like to try it through Ork, here is my setup.

    Character has unity default character controller and also my rigidbody component.

    Here you'll find the 3 images with info

    This is the rigidbody component of my character.

    This is the overal Ork Event which works fine if I use Change Position (disabled in the image)

    This is the details of the Ork Event node Add Force. I have tried it will different values and even tried Impulse.
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  • Your rigidbody is using Freeze Position, i.e. it isn't moved by any force you apply.
  • I've tried with it off also, there is a brief screen flicker but no instant movement forward. Should the rigidbody be on the parent object with the character controller?
  • I'm not sure if character controller and rigidbody movement/force really work that well together ...
  • hmm seems to not work well together as you say. Thanks for the help though :)
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