Is there a way to put up images/text for the choice option numbers in a dialogue box that're different from the text used in the choice itself?

e.g. I've got a number of choices of dialogue for the player to choose from in a gui box.
1. Something Snarky
2. Something Sweet
3. Something Combative

I'm wondering if there is a way to make the "1." "2." and "3." use different fonts, sizes, and/or colors than the "Something (x)" text? Or even replace the numbers with a picture?
  • That needs to be done in the text of the choice directly, e.g. in the Show Dialogue node, you can use text codes for the choice text to change the font size and color or display icons.

    A different font would only be possible if you add an info or title to the choice (using the options in the individual choices) and define a different info/title format in the choice settings of the used GUI box.
  • Is there any way to have the numbers be images instead of text? Is that what "Choice Icon" is? Is there a way to scale the choice icon?
  • You can either select an icon in the choice of the Show Dialogue node or use text codes to add icons.
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