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So I ll try to explain as much as i can. When you drag and drop an item or weapon to a shortcut/equipment menu, sometimes it goes in place as it should, other times it doesnt, so what i noticed is that you have to get the item nearly perfectly in the center of the "box" you want to put it in shortcut or equipment menu. Is there an option to have that you can equip that item even though its not dragged in exact the center of the box?

edit: with Select Unfocused seems to work much better now.

edit2: also after changing some stuff on the GUI Boxes and Menu screens and some events i get this error when spawning some NPCs by event:

Step Offset must be less or equal to + * 2
UnityEngine.Object:Instantiate(GameObject, Vector3, Quaternion)
ORKFramework.Combatant:Spawn(Vector3, Boolean, Single, Boolean, Vector3)
ORKFramework.Events.GameEvent:StartEvent(IEventStarter, Object)
ORKFramework.Events.BaseEvent:CallGlobalEvent(ORKGameEvent, Int32)

any idea what it means before i start undo everything one by one?
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  • According to a quick google search, the error message has something to do with the Step Offset setting of Character Controller components. So one of the NPCs you're spawning has a wrong/bad character controller setup :)

    As for the drag+drop issue - not happening here, I'll need more infos on your setup. E.g. new UI or legacy GUI, are you using mouse over selection, etc.
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    Sorry it took me a while, needed to test some stuff before i come back and also prepare video and images.

    So the Video of the problem, as you can see some times it just doesnt stick to the box.

    I noticed that when i disable the tooltip, it might be slightly better, but again, sometimes it sticks some it doesn't. So here are the settings:

    menu settings:


    Dragging Box


    Tooltip Box


    Also you can see that the menus light up all the time, like they gain/lose focus? All the Boxes have the same GUI Layer (experimented with that too)

    edit: the error problem was indeed a character controller not placed well :)
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  • Seems like something is blocking parts of the choice you drop on - but neither the drag nor the tooltip box block this. I'll need a small Unity test project for this.
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    It will take a while because on the test project with the same ORKProject file and Icons/UI graphics seems to work :S

    edit: sent you a test project on message, it does it there too some times, and also other problems when opening the characters menu first (C) and then the inventory (I)
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  • hey GIL, did you had a chance to check my test project?
  • Yes - so far I didn't run into this on my end.

    When the drag is released over the bounds of the choice it's assigned as expected. Naturally, doing fast drags can result in releasing outside the choice's bounds, but if released over a choice, there's no issue ...
  • yeah the fast drags are the ones that mostly do that for me.

    an other question on this matter, is there an option to have default size of my icons on a box? I mean if i have a 64x64 or a 512x512 to not make a difference and have the box resize the icons to a default value.
  • No, there's currently no option for that.
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    So after many testing, when I place the first item on the equipment slot (lets say the helmet), the menus starts "flashing" like they are losing their focus, what i have noticed is that doesn't happen before i place the first item, and the first item always places well (menus not flashing aka losing focus).

    Also i disabled the player status screen just to be sure it doesnt conflicts somehow.

    Could you imagine what would that cause the menu focusing? I m pretty sure is the reason that not always the drag succeeds. The project i sent you behaves the same

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  • Which menu is flashing, the inventory or equipment slots? Did a quick test with your project and there was no flashing ...
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    both, if you see the video i posted, when you equip 1-2 items, it starts flashing and losing focus.

    edit: It is true, in the test project i sent you it is fine, on my main project though something unfocuses the menus :S will search further. thank you.
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    Ok, found the source of the problem and now I need your help for the solution :)

    Please just add a real time battle area in the whole scene in the project i sent you.

    That way the HP Regeneration Status Effect will be enabled, so when you equip an armor item that gives MaxHP, the HP Regeneration kicks in and the flashing/losing focus of the menus happens, when HP reaches MaxHP the flashing/unfocusing stops.
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  • What Seems to work is to make the Player HUD visible all the time.
  • Yep, also happening in your test project with the real time battle area - will investigate.
  • still having this problem after updating, i saw a lot of changes in New UI, maybe an option i should change? If its not fixed yet it's ok, just so i know and dont trying to change stuff :)
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