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we have bought Makinom and ORK and want to use them in one project together. So far, we have our own login system, that synchronizes credentials and uses a "Login" button that goes into next step, where we would like Makinom to check for available Autosave. If there isn't autosave, it should load a defined scene Main Menu.

This Login scene should probably include Makinom Game Starter if I'm right. We tried to use interaction machines from Makinom that were included in the Login button, that call ORK event with Main Menu call, but nothing happened. Tried all interaction starts...

How can actually Makinom call ORK? If it can be done via Canvas button, then how do we set up the schematic?

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    You don't need to go through a Makinom machine, you can directly start an ORK interaction from a UI button as well by using the UI start type and setting it up in the button - see this how-to for details.

    If you do want to do some Makinom stuff the same way, you can use an Animation Machine, using one of the Animation Event start types or the UI Game Object start type - more details in this how-to.

    To call an ORK event from Makinom, you can use the ORK Game Event node in your schematic, which is added through the ORK-Makinom connection plugin.
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    I can't start anything with ORK, because that would require ORK Game starter in the first scene.

    Tried using Animation Mahcine with UI Game Object, followed all the steps in tutorial and nothing happened on the click. Still not sure how this works, as it clearly didn't work as explained in the tutorial.

    Again, calling ORK event from Makinom is one thing. Activating the event by clicking on canvas button is other. And that is the problem. I can't find a simple event interaction on click in Makinom.

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  • Well, you wont be able to call any ORK stuff as long as ORK isn't loaded through an ORK game starter anyway, i.e. you either need it in that scene, or use Makinom to load the scene with the ORK game starter.

    To get a machine started by the button, add an Animation Machine with the Animation Event start type enabled - either add it to the button or a game object in the scene.
    In the button's On Click () setting, add a new event through the plus icon. Select the game object with the machine attached and select AnimationMachineComponent > AnimationEvent () as the function.
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  • Don't know why you kept on suggesting Animation Machine, where I'm not about to set up any events from animations.
    Anyway, based on your tips before, I was able to set up Interaction Machine, that works as desired.

    So thanks for the tips.
  • Doesn't matter if you're setting up animations or not, the Animation Machine has several start types ideal for UI interactions, e.g. without a value, with int, float, string or game object values, etc.
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  • Well, tried with the Animation Machine first, in the 'On Click' tried also 'Load Schematic' and nothing working with the click interaction.
    That's where I've found Interaction Machine to be working.
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