I have some troubles while recreating battle system from Phantasy Star IV.

1)How can I create combo-attacks like in original PSIV? What Exactly should I do to make them work like this
Trying to do this for month with no results.

2)How exactly works Attack and Defence attributes?
  • 1) Attack macros like this aren't possible.

    2) You can find a how-to on attack/defence attributes here.
    The short answer is, they work like a modifier, e.g. a value of 100 would do 100 % damage, 150 does 150 % damage, etc.
    Negative values will turn damage to regeneration, e.g. -50 regenerates 50 %.

    Attack attributes are assigned to attacks and use the target's value, e.g. a fire attack uses the target's fire attribute for calculation.
    Defence attributes are assigned to combatants and use the attacker's value, e.g. attacking an insect uses the attacker's insect attribute.
  • OK. Get it about macros.
    But in original PSIV combo attacks performed by just performing required for a combo magic or skills, not just in macro. Example: casting Wat and Zan creates combo-attack Blizzard, but other 3 chars can do what they want.
    I want to know how to make THIS.
  • I'll need more input - are the abilities used by the same combatant in sequence or by 2 combatants in the same row?
  • 2 combatants in the same row
  • Hm, yeah - I don't think that is currently possible.
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