I am completely lost on this one. I even went back and watched my own tut videos and they didn't tell me how to do this either. Someone halp!

I am currently testing a main menu setup with three buttons. Took 5 minutes in Ork but I am completely lost in Makinom. The buttons need to open additional menus and then close them, change scenes, and quit the game. I was able to cobble a call HUD schematic together but I can't get buttons that align properly. Completely lost for the last 2 days.

The tutorials also don't include anything on this but I am still looking through them incase I missed something. The 2D side scroller doesn't even include a main menu...hurts bad man.
You will always fail at what you do not try.
  • Menus in Makinom would pretty much be Choice type dialogues, where each choice slot continues with whatever you need to be done (e.g. showing another dialogue for a sub-menu, loading a scene, etc.).
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  • Thank you GiL. I will check it out.
    You will always fail at what you do not try.
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