I'm trying to setup an enemy healer that would heal an ally if it gets below a certain health and I tried both HP isless than 50 percent and HP isless than 20 (value). Unfortunately it is healing the enemy fighters when the fighters are even at full health. I'm basing this off tutorial #17 with some changes that instead of it being called small heal the ability is called Revitalize and the values for the fighters and healer is different but still above where it shouldn't heal. The healer doesn't do anything if it doesn't have enough mp to cast it so that's good so any help on how to fix the problem with the healer healing fighters with full health would be appreciated.

As always thank you.

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    If the battle AI doesn't find an action, the combatant will use the base attack - i.e. if your healer's base attack is the heal ability, it'll be used in that case.

    Otherwise I'd need more details on your setup :)
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