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I have a question about the Is Visible node.
I want my schematic to activate when an enemy is inside my camera's view, so is this node the correct one to use?
I have a tick schematic attached to the enemy that is

Setting -> Is Visible(the machine object)
Visible slot -> dialogue(Enemy is in view)
Invisible slot -> dialogue(Enemy is out of view)

The problem is that even if the enemy is out of the camera's view, the success slot still keeps on running.
If this is not the right way to use, is makinom capable of it? :)
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  • Yes, that's the correct node to use - did a quick test and it's working fine here.

    Keep in mind that it has to be out of every camera's view, e.g. if you have multiple cameras. Ultimately, this depends on the isVisible state of the renderer.
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    Ahh yeah, when the Unity doc said every cameras, it also meant the scene view camera too. Working great now. Thanks.

    Edit: I just tested the spawner variable requirement fix and it works awesomely now. A huge thumb up to you.
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