I want to create a game like Harvest moon + RPG (basically something like Rune factory) ..
So the hurdle I found is

1. Modification of landscape with various tools and plant on them
2. Connecting the status of my cow with the place where we put the food.. (so when I don't give any food the cow would die )
3. Calendar Progression, and make some event based on the date..

As for the other thing to do.. I think I can figure it out by myself.. ork is the best tool i found

So... is there any tips to do that only with ork framework ? or maybe I need to have an additional plugin ? or maybe I need to code it by myself ?

I appreciate any kind of answer :D..
  • Hello,

    1)You mean place objects from inventory to the field ? I don't think it's possible you can use a tool on the asset store called easy build system and activate it at certain places.

    2) using status values like hunger is possible, you can configure a status value in Status/Statues values call it hunger and check the Death On Minimum then in the Combatant section, choose your combatant, in the settings somewhere there is a Status Values Time Change settings just configure the hunger the status hunger to decay each second by 1 or something (you can use formulas too, to make it decay differently based on a status effect called big stomach for example.

    3)Calendar progression is possible either using ORK Event system or Unistorm, i personnaly use Unistorm since it has a real time cycle feature and moves the sun and moon accordingly.

    I don't know harvest moon but i told you the maximum i knew if you want any tutorials on setting this up just pm me :)
  • Woaah.. thanks a lot ! :D
  • 3) Check out this gameplay tutorial on time and day mechanics.

    This one on harvesting items might also be of use to you.
    Generally, for this kind of game you'll have to use heavy use of the event system and game variables :)
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