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When a choice dialog is displayed the default choice isn't highlighted. You have to select another choice for the highlight to appear. Is there an option for the default choice to start highlighted? Without it my menus are very confusing for players. I looked over all the base control, menu and game options and can't find anything that helps. I'm using the new UI but I'm pretty sure I saw it happen with the old UI too.

Edit-The default choice icon works fine, it seems like it's just the highlighting that's finicky.
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  • The default choice should actually highlighted - are you using the new UI?
  • Yea I'm using the new UI. I forgot to test if the default choice is highlighted with the old UI.
  • Yep, there is an issue with Unity not highlighting it although it's the selected object for the UI - will be fixed in the next update :)
  • Cool! thanks for the awesome support.
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