I have a turn based battle object in my scene and have a quest condition for it where it checks if the quest kill enemy scout is active and the is valid checkbox is checked. Unfortunately I don't have the program to show an image on the event and the settings but what it does is after I get the quest and the quest is active it wont trigger, however when I save the game, quit and load it up it works just the way I intend it to. I apologize that I can't give an image of what the event looks like or the inspector settings. Also I'm thinking the better way of doing this is having an npc in the scene and set up the event to check the quest state or even check a game variable and if successful than do a start battle unfortunately it isn't starting any type of battle so I'm not sure if I got that setup right. This is a powerful program where I'm having a problem is finding the right part where I need to fix this problem so any help would be appreciated.

  • If your Battle component has Auto Destroy enabled (found in the variable settings of the component, but also applies to the quest conditions), the battle will be destroyed if the conditions aren't met. I.e. if the quest conditions change in the same scene, the battle is already destroyed and will only be available when coming back to the scene.

    So, simple solution, disable Auto Destroy :)

    If you want to start a battle out of a game event, you either need an already set up Battle or a combatant on the game object you're using in the Start Battle node.
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  • Thank you. :)
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