Well in the default character controller there is an energy value i want this energy being status value dependant (eg.stamina) but can't find a way to make a stable formula, i know it must be really simple but i can't find the solution :(
  • If you want the Maximum Energy to just be a status value, you have to set up a formula with a Status Value node using operator Set and the status value of the user.
  • It doesn't work i already tried this configuration, and for example i can't sprint if i have 50%stamina sometimes, do the regen and consume value have to be formulas ?
  • This doesn't use the actual status value, just uses its value as the maximum for the sprint energy. I.e. the status value isn't reduced or regenerated by the controls.

    No, you don't have to use formulas :)
  • That was so simple.. i don't know why i didn't think about it earlier x) i tried to use a formula that removes something etc thank you for your help :)
  • Ah there is a problem, this is correctly bound to the status value but the character doesn't stop sprint..
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