GiL, how would I go about making a game object (the enemy) check to see which of the two characters on screen is closest to it?
I can probably come up with a messy workable way, but I wanna see if there are any easy clean way first :)
  • Hm, yeah, I don't think there's currently an easy way to do this - will add some new nodes in the next update :)
  • Woohoo! Thanks a bunchie, GiL. Looking forward very enthusiastically for it :)
  • Float Fields
    ‘Distance’ selection available in all float field type selections. Uses the distance between 2 defined game objects.

    GiL, is this the easy way that you said you will add? If it is, how do you check for it, cause for the life of me I have no clue where to start. :)
  • E.g. use a Check Value node, checking if the distance from enemy to object A is less than from enemy to object B.
    If A is closer, Success is used, otherwise Failed.
  • Ahhhh yeah, awesome. Way way easier than I thought. Thanks for adding it in, GiL :)
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