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ORK Framework 2.10.0 is here: release notes


This update will mostly focus on adding new AI functionality, sponsored by @twill14. Release probably mid-January.

Equipable AI
Based on the battle AI, there'll be 2 new kinds of AI equipment/items that can be equipped by combatants to change the AI used in battle.

AI Behaviours
AI behaviours are pretty much a collection of battle AIs and are equipped on AI behaviour slots of a combatant.
The AI of a combatant will first try to find an action in the equipped AI behaviours and fall back on the battle AIs defined in the combatant's AI settings if no useabel action was found by the AI behaviours. If a behaviour is used can also depend on requirements (status and variable).

AI Rulesets
AI rulesets define rules (based on requirements) for the combatant's AI to follow, like using or blocking certain actions or defining targets. E.g. block ability use when the MP is below 30 % or targeting enemies that are attacking a certain group member.
AI rulesets are equipped on AI ruleset slots of a combatant.

The AI behaviour/ruleset slots are defined for each combatant individually, the event system can be used to add or remove slots (and other things). There are new menu screen parts similar to the Equipment part to manage the equipped AI behaviours/rulesets of a combatant.
Also, AI behaviours/rulesets can be bought in shops, defined as loot or picked up using item collectors, i.e. they're treated similar to items and are bound to the inventory (like crafting recipes, i.e. group/individual inventory - but aren't displayed by the Inventory menu part).

The individual AI behaviours and AI rulesets can be set up to operate in 2 different modes - either using quantity or not.
Using quantity treats them like equipable items, i.e. you can collect multiple behaviours/rulesets of the same kind, equipping one will remove it from the available inventory.
Not using quantity treats them like knowledge, i.e. you can collect a behaviour/ruleset only once, equipping it wont remove it from the inventory.

There are also the regular additions to such a feature, e.g. AI type separation, status requirements checking the equipped AI behaviours/rulesets, notifications, console texts, etc.

There'll also be an update to the move AI and a bridge component to PolyNav 2D for supporting 2D navigation - more details on that later :)
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  • AI Behaviour Slots the best features ! i've been waiting for so long ! It's so usefull !Thank you so much !!
  • wow! thats good news! thank you @gamingislove and @twill14 !!!
  • This sounds very cool! Your work on ORK is amazing.
  • Sounds v ueeful. Ironically i was considering use of items as thing like race and subrace and 'multi class'...
  • Great news guys, thanks @twill14 for supporting!
  • Oh hey guys! I hope you like it!

    I hope you'll be able to make some really awesome A.I. features in your games too!

    Also, though you guys probably already know this... GIL is the best!
  • Awesome, can't wait!
  • The update is mostly done, just a few issues to sort out - the release will hopefully be sometime next week.
    Time to talk details about the move AI updates :)

    Move AI Use Mode
    There's a new Use Mode setting for the move AI to define its behaviour, and it can also be changed using the event system and the AI behaviours/rulesets (explained in the first post).
    In short, they force the move AI to use only a certain mode, unless the AI is set to the Auto mode, where it'll work as usual. E.g. you can force the move AI to only Hunt, i.e. fleeing will be ignored.

    Caution Mode
    There's a new mode for the move AI - the caution mode is a mixture of hunting and fleeing.
    The combatant will move toward the target until reaching a defined stop range. When the target (or depending on the setup, a detected enemy) enters a defined critical range, the combatant will flee and optionally cancel ability casts (if possible).
    The stop range can also optionally use the use range of the ability the combatant tries to use when moving into range.

    Prevent being cornered
    A fleeing combatant (both from flee or caution) can try to prevent being cornered or backed up against a wall. In short, if the combatant can't move, it'll try to move into different directions to get away from there, even if t means running toward the enemy it's actually fleeing from.
    The flee mode also has some new range settings.

    Move AI Area
    This new component can be used to set up areas in your scenes (using colliders/triggers) to either block or allow moving there.
    E.g. if you allow an area for the move AI, everything outside this area isn't allowed.
    When a combatant wants to move somewhere that is not allowed by the areas, the nearest allowed position will be used instead. This only blocks the areas for moving at positions within, not from moving through them.

    Background changes
    There's also a lot of changes in the background of the move AI, which should make it overall work a lot better. Also, moving into use range of a selected ability is no longer limited to real time battles, i.e. if your active time battles allow using the move AI, combatants can use it to move into use range as well :)
    There are also some new gizmo highlights when selecting a combatant while playtesting in the editor. The target position will be displayed through a white line, detected enemies by a yellow box and the actual target by a red box.
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    Over Hyped about this!!! and after this hopefully you start the UI updates :D
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  • Can't wait for this! But i surely need a tutorial on move Ai update, it already took me days to understand the actual system. :D
  • ORK Framework 2.10.0 is here: release notes

    I'll be writing a how-to on the new equipable AI system in the next days :)
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  • Thanks, GiL!
  • Also, forgot to mention the new wrapper component for moving your combatants with Poly|Nav 2D.
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    Thank you GiL!
    I look at the place of the AI while being excited.

    I updated it.
    HUD trouble is solved!
    Of course it was Full Lisence, but water mark of ORK out of Play became displayed by Unity Game Window.

    I rebooted Unity, but am not settled.

    Did this have bad update procedure?
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  • Wow, lots to digest in this update!

    Thanks for slipping in those couple of grid updates (display when unselected, keep previously painted cells) as well!
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