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Hey Orkers, I am doing a 3D sidescrolling puzzle/platforming game. I am creating this game using the combination of Ork and Makinom. Shoutout to Gil for making that possible.

Story :
It's very simple. A man will have to find a cure for the disease that his girlfriend is having. Will he be able to find it? Play and find out!

Gameplay :
The gameplay is pretty simple. There are two characters on the screen, a male and a female, and you have to switch between them to go pass certain obstacles. The guy's name is Malice and the girl's name is Indy. Malice can jump and while he is in midair, you can press the jump button again to make him float. You can then press the vertical button to move him up and down. Indy can do double jump.

The graphic is just using most of the primitive cubes that come with Unity because right now I'm not focusing on the graphic yet. I want to make the gameplay enjoyable and make everything falls in place before I start switching graphics.(The final graphic won't be that much better anyway. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of making it more or less the same, just cleaner and more polish)
The musics are just placeholders too. I just put musics in there to test how everything goes.

Right now I am finished with the tutorial and the first level, so if anyone is not busy, I would be very appreciative if you take the time to download the game and test it. I want your opinions on the early gameplay so that I can improve on it more.



Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/scfyzgky7gewbw8/AACQyf3mghaQb4aIgc30fTZZa?dl=0

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  • Here is a video of a quick gameplay through the first level, the "Long Road".
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    I am going to introduce to you the unique power that Malice and Indy have, called Soulmation. Soulmation is where their souls and bodies are combined into one, which will give them a special ability. The thing that is needed for them to do soulmation is called a soulergy. There are different kind of soulergies out there, and each of them has their own special abilities.
    For now I have the smash soulergy, the secret soulergy, and the swim soulergy. (Names are still wip).

    -The smash soulergy will enabled the player to smash apart certain things in the scene.
    -The secret soulergy will enabled the player to see hidden objects.
    -The swim soulergy will enabled the player to swim under the water.

    You can also borrow the power of another soulergy temporarily too. For example, let's said you have the secret soulmation on and you see a hidden block that can be smashed, if you have a smash soulergy in a slot, you can drag it into slot 0 and press 0 on the keyboard. This will enabled you to smash stuff for about 10 sec. A word of caution though, using the slot 0 will make you lose one hp per use.

    Another example, let's said you are using the swim soulmation and you came upon a spot where you have an intuition that there is something there. It can never hurt to borrow the power of the secret soulergy, because you might be right and there might be a secret object there that will take you to a new secret level.

    Soulergies are not required to beat the game, but they do enabled you to find secret locations and levels, which will impact the ending of the game.

    To get an idea of what soulmation looks like, this video will show the smash soulergy in action.

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  • Hey mate, just saw the videos and i like it a lot! will also test the game out next week
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    Thanks for the kind words. That would be so helpful! Remember, all criticisms are welcome, because that's the only way to improve one's game.

    In other news, Malice now has the power to bring Indy back from the brink of life. How? Usually, when you are in control of Indy, you can call Malice to her instantly by pressing the C key. This will make Malice appear right next to her. But when Indy hp has reached 0 and she is in a dying state, you have 3 seconds to revive her by pressing the C key.
    Note, Malice can only revives her if his hp is more than 2, and after reviving her, all of his hp will be reduce to 1. After being revive, Indy will be immune to any damages for 3 seconds.
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  • @Shadow_Fire any sexy pics of the white hair'd character ? (just joking :p ) your concept is awesome i like it. great job man. so far this seems to be a great start!
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
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    Thanks Wtyson, for the kind words! The hardest part is trying to think up of ways to make the levels fun and not too much repetition. I will have to keep on redoing the levels over and over again, that's why for now, only primitive graphic.

    Unfortunately, the black hair character and I came to a negotiation - No showing sexy pics of his lady and he won't cause any game breaking bugs to appear again :D
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  • @Shadow_Fire even still game play concept is well thought out. this is only the 2nd or 3rd project I've seen with originality on game play. just an idea since it is a side scroller you could always randomly generate the areas as long as every thing can be tiled together. but from sidescroller perspective in 3d especially it would be pretty quick to make unique levels easily. And not so tedious when making elements like it is in pixel art :o. in 3d modeling not sure if unity allows for world aligned textures. but if u can make a shader that is world aligned. that will help alot with tiling and will basically allow u to add any texture to world elements and not worry about the offsets not matching. i made one in unreal which i use for my buildings so i dont have to match up my textures inside blender all i have to do is bake my uvs add different color materials using base color mats in blender then import to unreal and add my world aligned material. i think it is possible in unity but u need to know unity shader code. I personally hate unitys shader code in order to do certain things u need c# of unity script scripts to run side by side which in turn makes things heavier.... anyways once again great start !
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
  • Thanks for the great and motivational words!
    I'm glad to hear that you find this to be original. That's a great thing to hear coming from a game dev such as yourself. I agree, making the level in 3d is not as tedious. Especially animations and such. Very easy to do it in blender, but I heard that it's a nightmare for 2d. No wonder you got the cute lady to shave her head and became a man instead :p

    I thought about generating random level, but two things stopped me. First, I'm still not sure how to do it, and second, since there will not be that many levels in my game cause I don't wanna make it too big and get buried in it, I want to control where everything goes.

    Yeah, I know a bit about coding, but I have no clue about coding in shading at all :)
    Still not as good as you, who can do world aligned material in Unreal.
    Never have the motivation or reason to learn it. But heck, that sounds like it would be a fantastic thing to have. I need to look into that more, if not for this game, then for the next one.

    Once again, thank you!
  • I really like the gameplay so far. It is amazing. I was looking into doing a 2d game next. and i hope what i can do is as good as what you are doing.
  • @Shadow_Fire yeah 2d can be tedious ill actually post a small vid tomorrow trying to go for a steam punk style theme for the 2d game. and a scifi fantasy style for my 3d game. And will say this to anyone learn to code even if u dont need it cause ork does alot of what you want it will be very very useful. i have learned how to code windows c#, java script , unity c#, unity java script, unreal c++ and unreal script (blue print) . it opens up so many options. just do it in your free time itll be worth it.
    new website can be found here http://www.fore-loregames.com

    Follow the game Development on Twitter https://twitter.com/Fore_Lore_Games

    or check out the face book page here https://www.facebook.com/ForeLoreGames
  • Thanks for the kind words, Skwigg. I'm sure whatever you plan on making will also be as fantastic, and might even be better.

    Wtyson, totally agree with you wholeheartedly. The more assets you have under your belt, the better you will be. Can't wait to see your project too.
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    Now that you have a good/unique concept and some decent gameplay established, I would highly suggest researching and developing your aesthetic. You'll feel infinitely more confident about your work once you can see it fully realized, and it will also help you understand what your style might mean for the scope of the project.

    Maybe you'll start to find that the style you had set in your head just doesn't work for the things you're trying to do or it's just not feasible for your time or abilities. In turn, that might mean you have to make some adjustments to the gameplay. The visuals are much more important than most people give them credit for.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents.
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    Thanks for the 2 cents, braytendo! Really appreciate it.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your insight. I'll take what you said into heart. In fact, it already started making me think.
    Once again, I appreciate it.
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