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So, I am planning to add C# function calls to several abilities in a grid-combat based game. In these functions, I am planning to do various things to the following combatants:

1. The combatant who is using the ability that triggered the script.
2. The target of #1's ability.
3. Any combatants that may be within the area of an AOE ability.

So, in order to modify these combatants I am going to need to figure out which combat is the actor and which is the target(s). While I understand how to do this in events I haven't been able to find a way to do this in a C# function. Is there a built in way for ORK to give me this information, or am I going to have to do something a bit more complicated?

There is probably some sort of simple Unity based way of finding these combatants that I just haven't learned yet, lol. I'd appreciate any help here :)
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    There isn't really an easy way to get that information from ORK. It's probably best to write a custom event node for this - the full version contains the code for all event nodes, so just use one of those for reference :)
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  • I see, I'll take a look at the event nodes in the main code to get an idea of where to start. Thanks!
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